1. Happy birthday to us!


Exactly one year ago we were nervous as hell. (As you can see on these high-on-the-ugly-truth-scale photos we sent each other 1 second before we went live…). The start of a new thing called blogging. The birth of our baby called “the door”.

And here we are. 1 year old, proud winners of a Dutch Mom Blog Award, a real logo, full of love for our readers and friends for life. Happy birthday to us!

We could do a huge give away to celebrate. We thought about it, but the car dealer backed out at the last moment. So we will do the next best thing:

A little recap of last year to make clear why we love what we do so much, next to living our daily lives.

There were many posts that made us pee our pants: most of our Freaking Selfie Fridays, but the shiny butt one topped it all (just look closely at the little clip on the bottom to see what we talk about…). This butt made more surprise appearances by the way, and resulted in this post.

There were also posts that made us do the ugly cry (lots of them actually, but we like to think we are just very in touch with our inner Oprah). But if we have to point out the biggest tear jerkers, it would be life with hormones and home is where the heart is.

Next to that there were posts that made us slightly nervous, posts that made us extremely proud (and a few more here, here and here), posts that made us wonder if people would think we’re nuts and many posts that made us think nothing at all because of their insignificance: also too many to count on one hand.

If you think about it, our blog is just like life. Our lives in this case.

Well lots of posts. Lots of tears. Of joy and misery. But above all lots of love. From us. To you. Thank you sweetest readers, commenters. You made our first blog year a special one. Cheers to many more!


we are 1!

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  1. Snowy February 10, 2016

    Yeah, that’s the titekc, sir or ma’am


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