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1 photo on the bed | MadelonWe are known to be pretty good bandwagon jumpers. Turns out we are pretty amazing at jumping off as well. We loved the 52 photos on the wall project with a passion, but after two years the fire turned into a little flame. So time to find a new fire.

We tried to think of something new, something original and unique. But honestly, when a good thing is already invented… We are big admirers of Ashley aka @thestorkandthebeanstalk. She’s not only an amazing photographer, but also an amazing mother. And last but not less important: funny too.
She started a monthly family portret serie a while back. And we decided to steal, ehhh be very inspired by her and start one of our own.

So here’s number 1!1 photo on the bed | Madelon 1 photo on the bed | Madelon1 photo on the bed | Madelon1 photo on the bed | MadelonWe:  just moved into our new (rental) home. Boxes are everywhere and everything is lost. But we have found our bed. Pretty essential for this serie.

B: is extremely happy to have his bed back, even if this means he has to share it with not one, but two family members (I won’t mention names). Now if only we could find our own bedding so he can lose the spidey sheets, he’s pretty okay .

S: finally started school after nine weeks of being around me, his sister and little brother. You can imagine how happy he is. Last week he told me he doesn’t want to trade his little brother for another baby. I guess that’s a good thing.

R: started school too and says she loves it, but I can tell she’s not convinced yet. When I asked her what the best part of her day was she said lunch. Since O is born she’s a daddy’s girl. I understand, but don’t like it.

O: is just a big, happy and smiley kid that loves attention (and absolutely hates getting no attention). But most of all he loves me.

Me: I’m wearing my one of three sweaters I lived in the past 9 weeks. Because well, where is that box with my clothes? I’m happy to be home and that it really feels like home. Just surprised about how fast you get used to size… Everything is so small here! Front doors, parking spots, bags of chips, even nursing pads.


  1. Lisa January 12, 2017

    Bags of chips even nursing pads haha!! Love this new adventure series! I wonder if I can convince my boys to do it?!

  2. Madison January 12, 2017

    Absolutely adorable photos!


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