1 photo on the bed | Vie

J: got her first birthday invitation from a classmate and her first hair pulling incident from another classmate. School is cool and exhausting.

F: standing anywhere, pointing to anything, eating everything (but spinach), waving to anyone, saying mama to anyone. Let’s say growing like a maniac.

B: agreed on this ’12 photos on the bed project’  after weeks of thinking it over. I finally won him over with the books I made from our 52 photos on the wall. But he asks for something in return.

V: not the return kind of person. But happy I won him over. Also a little big bit sleep deprivated but I refuse to go to bed early because it violates my alone time on the couch with my phone, Netflix, camera or even a book. B hates me for it and tells me every night. I’m stubborn and regretting it every morning.


  1. Laura January 16, 2017

    Haha die ene foto waar je recht in de camera kijkt en terwijl aan F haar pull trekt. Love it!
    En helemaal hetzelfde qua vroeg gaan slapen, zou zo’n deugd doen maar ik kan het echt niet 🙈…

    • Vie January 16, 2017

      Echt he?! Liever bewust genieten van de rust ipv knock out in bed!


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