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2 photos on the bed | Madelon2 photos on the bed | Madelon2 photos on the bed | Madelon2 photos on the bed | Madelon

B: was away most of the past month (to Germany, England and United States). It’s kind of funny, but although you would think we are used to this him being away for work thing, it always takes us at least two to three days to find our routine as a family back. Probably because I easily get used to being the only decision maker in the house.

S: the main reason for me wanting to move back was this boy. Seeing him happy and doing so well at school makes me happy. Him having playdates, freedom and already a best friend makes it all fall into place. But what’s up with those Pokemon cards?!

R: is happy at school and a hand full at home. I understand, but still have a hard time keeping my patience. Started ballet class and loves it. Also starts to tolerate me back in her life. Tells me, and I quote, ‘she loves me and can’t hold it up any longer’. It’s the sweetest. She’s still very much into headbands, but as of this month, she combines them with hair clips. At the end of her pony tail of course.

O: gained two teeth and rolls over. I love to see him turning into this little person, but of course I’m not ready to say goodbye to my baby. He’s my last and in a hurry. He got his first vaccinations this month and turns out he weighs more than most 1 year olds. No wonder he wears size 4 diapers.

Me: I survived the first weeks being a single mom and am happy to report that, even sitting on my cargo bike with 3 kids at 8 am in the morning (still dark and freezing outside), I’m happy to be home.
Next to that I’m losing hair like there is no tomorrow. Looking at our floors, we are all surprised that I still have some on my head.
Sneezing with a full bladder is still the enemy.

Credits: R is wearing everything Repose AMS she owns… With a little touch of CarlijnQ.

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