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J: asked me how F got in my belly. After a little seed and egg story for 4 year olds she asked how daddy’s seed got in my belly. After a little uhmmmmm story from a stupified me she told me she already knew. Because the seed comes from dad’s mouth and goes to his belly, where it would open and than mommy’s belly would open too and than the seed and the egg would be together forever… Perfect! I had nothing to add to that. For now.
F: pooped and peed on the white rug when I turned around to get her diaper. And pushes her sister around in a trolley with a proud grin on her face.
B: gets up every night to feed the baby. His time to catch up on the numerous breastfeeding sessions.
V: drinking wine without thinking anymore. But also a little melancholic about the quality time me, my boobs and the baby had. And got a very necessary haircut the same time as a girlfriend did so we could use all the waiting as a date (true story).

Credits: J’s skirt is from Mio Meraki 


  1. Karlijn February 27, 2017

    Whahahaha, perfect baby verhaal is dat! Zo makkelijk ;) X

    • Vie February 27, 2017

      Knap he?! Van mij vooral ;)


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