The whoop whoop of leaving

whoop whoop of leaving

We started our life together here in Amsterdam. Now we’re moving on. We’re leaving. For real. All this time we were all whoop whoop about this new phase. But now we’re signing a contract this week, it’s like what the hell are we doing.

I could have seen that coming right? And it will all work out and be fine, or even better. I know that, because I just know and it’s what everybody tells me . So that’s not the point.

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All I want for Christmas… is a poster

wishlist poster | THE DOOR IN THE WALL

I love art. and I love to change it. Quite often. Those two don’t go very well together. I’m blessed with the best stepfather you can imagine. He is the sweetest, kindest, most adventurous person I know. And he’s an artist. He makes the most beautiful paintings and sculptures. So I am spoiled and own some pretty amazing pieces.

But I’m always looking for more. Next to that I’m quickly bored with the same view every single day (good thing Mr. Husband travels a lot!). 

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Fast food photo


I love images. I always have. I buy magazines, a lot, but never read them, I just look at the photos. When I was young, really young, I already ripped out beautiful photos out of  Elle Magazine I got from my stepmother, made collages and covered my bedroom walls with them. Most expensive on my wedding day? Yes, the photographer.

I always made a lot of photos, but didn’t do anything with all those images.
And then came Instagram.

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Driving home for Christmas

driving a hello kitty bus

Today I was at that point where I was sick of not being able to drive a car anymore, because of fear. I packed our bags, grabbed J and squeezed her into her winter coat. Armed with the car keys and a Belgian speaking satnav we were ready to hit the car and leave. Just like that. But then rain and hail came crashing down from the sky.

But but but, always a but. But this time was different. I swear.

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas


I’m a sucker for traditions. I loved all these little rituals when I was growing up. Especially christmas time was pure magic.  We had a tree with all kinds of ornaments, most from when my mother was just a little girl. Every year we baked a chocolate walnut cake. Well, my mother baked, me and my brother cracked all the nuts, making it a competition who had the most not broken ones, because only those ended up on top of the cake.  And on Christmas eve we would dress up the moment the sun went down. In a beautiful dress, made by my mother. I had my own little candle holder next to my plate for dinner (this will be the first year I will not…)

I still remember how I felt during these days.

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My December favourites

lady noel designs flamingo

December is busy, but I love it because of its presents, food and family (in that specific order). I’m greedy.  When I open Instagram or Pinterest I get hungry. I wander through blogs for inspiration, run to web shops and toss everything I like in my shopping cart. I want it all. I toss some more, but than I get annoyed by my greed. Thank God for that, because I’d be homeless (and partnerless) otherwise.

People say less is more and I want to live like that too, because my head (and B) knows it’s better, more sustainable. That’s why I made up a few rules for myself to control this commercial weakness.

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Christmas fever

I love Christmas. Like, really LOVE Christmas. And that’s mainly because I love our Christmas tree. It’s out of control, hysterical and every ornament has its story.

Next to our tree we have some candles, a broken Santa music box and two white paper stars. The tree was the main star, and she always delivered.


But I moved to the land of Christmas decoration… 

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