Madelon vs. Vie: I do! me too!

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Hi Vie!

How is live? Adjusting to your new city and job? I salute you lady, I would not be alive  if my alarm clock would go off around 6 am.

But enough small talk, let’s cut to the chase. Remember our challenges? That we agreed on to not call it a challenge because I have a severe hate for games? Well, I got one for you.

 It all came to me when I was flipping through my wedding photos. I saw this photo and it reminder me of one I took last year.  First I thought I would use it as an inspiration and make a new photo, but let’s be honest, I would never be able to top the following one… (You notice I’m building up suspension here?). So. Here it is:

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Really see people

My phone and me, we’re close. Most of the time it drives B and J crazy. B wants to really talk some more and J wants the phone to herself, watch adults peeling surprise eggs. But sometimes it drives me nuts too.

I travel to work by train. 2 hours a day. And it’s so easy to pull it out and race around the internet some more. But my eyes can’t handle it, let alone my mind. I want to be more present where I am instead of in this virtual world I partly live in. It might help me to really relax before I get home.  

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