A is for rebel

Dark walls | The door in the wall blog

First of all I would like to apologize for this phase both Vie and I going through. If you’re not planning to move or feel like redocarating, please bare with us…

But we are and I am. Yes, I was nearly finished. Only thing left was me dreaming of winning the lottery so I could finally buy all those posters, lights and cabinets that are on my wish list for like ever.

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Serious is the new white

serious is the new white 01

Here we are, extremely happy with our new home. It’s still a mess, I can’t find my underwear and there are a few ‘various’ boxes to unpack, but who cares. We have a house, a serious one. You know? With hardwood floors, a staircase, a bathtub, a sink especially for brushing your teeth, a workspace, a kitchen big enough to walk from one side to another and a patio. Badass serious if you ask me.

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Vision or love

vision or love

With things happening for me comes new choices for J. For seven months it was me and her, with two, soon one and then no daycare. Now I’ll be back on track for three days. That means three days without her. Saying that out loud breaks my heart. But I’m not going to sit here en write about the tears that are ruining my keyboard and my crazy cool image right now. I wanted to talk about daycare.

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Living the dream

Living the dream | the door in the wall

I understand that some people think I have it all. Especially the people who follow me on Instagram and just see the pretty pictures of my adventures new life. Living the dream of many people who long for sunny days, or just escaping their daily routine. And yes, that is my life. A small part of it.

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