Freaking Selfie Friday | week 20: The battle edition

freaking selfie friday week 20 @sasvanweert

Hello winner of our first Freaking Selfie Friday competition! DON’T LET SOMEONE PUT YOU IN A BOX. @sasvanweert, we peed our pants! Multiple times.

Seriously guys, we’re overwhelmed by your enthusiasm, creativity, courage and love. We had a blast scrolling through your photo’s, each one with it’s own freshness. And to be honest, we didn’t expect you to join us (although we knew if you would you’d be ecstatic about it). But when one crazypants starts, the rest will follow, that’s for sure.

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Batshit crazy

batshit crazy 02

Since the day she could talk it’s mama this mama that, all day and every day. She loves B, but she somehow needs me more, or maybe it’s just a different way of parent child bonding.

I love her, more than anyone else, however at some point she and her mama mania drive me crazy. Mad crazy and guilt crazy, if you know what I mean. The ultimate saviours when I find myself locked up in the toilet with a toddler yanking at the door is leaving the house and sniff some fresh air. Even if she’s screaming her insides out and knocking herself against the floor. A hell lot better when B is home. I mean, what’s superior to having someone around who knows how hard the phase you’re in can be?

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Freaking Selfie Friday | week 19

freaking selfie friday week 19

BE A FLAMINGO IN A FLOCK OF PIGEONS (or a pig in a flock of owls).

Wow,  all your inspiring suggestions! Thank you! And Lize, this week’s FSF is dedicated to you. We’ll keep the rest on top of our minds.

There was this other great idea. Something we talked about before, without taking any action. So  thanks for reminding us Jaime.

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Ladybug lessons

ladybug lessons

Rush hour or better: rush life. Sounds familiar? I guess I’m not the only one running from one place to another, while planning the rest of the day, the groceries or the weekend. Go with the flow. And that’s ok I guess, it’s called ‘life as you know it’. But it wouldn’t hurt to be a little more present right? Which reminds me of my train adventure the other day.

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Me and my greener grass

photo shoot minixstyle - behind the scenes

Before moving I had a job.
A real ‘grown-up-wear-dresses-and-heels’ kind of job. Somehow I ended up in the professional services industry when I was 21 and never got out.

Don’t get me wrong. I always loved working  (well, the majority of time). I even met most of my closest friends at work and learned so many things about, life, myself and… Business in general.

But. There’s always a but.

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