Guilty Pleasures @viebonacci

guilty pleasure friday @viebonacci

Here you go M. My list of guilty pleasures. You know how I love this kind of games.

And as said before, we’d love to pull you all into this with us a little. My turn to nominate someone to make a list of 10 guilty pleasures. When this person accepts, she will introduce herself next week and we’ll all find out her craziness.

So (insert thrilling music) I would love love to know more about you:

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Just the two of us (and some free advice)


When I was pregnant with Sylvester I thought I knew it all. I was 32, lived, traveled and partied and was ready to settle down and be a loving mom (with wooden toys and no sugar).

All the well-intentioned advice from parents was sweet, but I didn’t need it. So I smiled and gave them the “please shut up” look. I read about it and I had common sense. The tip: “Enjoy these last moments being just the two of you” was the most frequent and annoying.

We were ready for this baby, for this new exciting phase in our lives together.

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Vie vs. Madelon: the attempted photobomb

vie vs madelon: the attempted photobomb 00

Hi M,

Off course I remember your challenge. That photobomb is haunting me. Or should I say WAS. Because I did it! On the exact same day you remembered me and all of our readers out there. But before you start whooing I should add that it didn’t work out the gorgeous bombshell way I wanted. On the contrary.

I ran across the whole San Marco Piazza in Venice to jump into that one perfect shot. My sweet, but not so superfast assistant (yes B) right behind me (or at the other end of the piazza) and J in de ergo baby. I ran. I jumped. I felt embarrassed. I got pissed off (yes B again). And I had fun. The last part doubled up to a peeing-my-pants kind of moment when I opened my computer to check out the results.

So M, get out your magnifying glass. Here you go. Madelon versus Vie: the attempted photobomb.

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Same same but different

Same same but different | THE DOOR IN THE WALL

I remember vividly when I found Vie on instagram. Well, actually the husband did. He was looking around and at one point he said: ” do you know this lady? She reminds me of you.”

He was right.

We are still finding that out. I had friends. Have friends! But with Vie it clicked. Instantly. We are alike in so many ways: our strange habits, lipstick jungle, our (former) soul searching. Mayonaise.

She gets me. And not many people do.

Same same but different | THE DOOR IN THE WALL

But thank god for our differences. It’s not just our height, or the country we live in. There is much more.

So why not try to put all this into images? No words allowed. See the similarities, but different. See the differences, but in the same way.  I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours (remember our coffee in the morning?)!

Actually, it’s just like a mini challenge, a tiny  Madelon vs. Vie! I know how you like those.  (Speaking of… How is that photobombing going for you?)

I’ll start.

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Freaking Selfie Friday: the Return



Seriously. It itched. Like a rash that wouldn’t go away. You telling us you missed us felt like scrubbing that rash with crushed grains. So here we are. Crawling back from our impulsive decision to just cut it off. No backbone at all. But honest. And willing to admit we made a mistake.

So it’s back on track, Freaking Selfie Friday. Not every week, but once in three (or maybe four) weeks. And it feels damn good.

Happy weekend you all!


PS. And hurray for the outtakes too.

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