Ruby Rascal

ruby rascal

What is it with negative experiences hanging around in your head longer than  the positive ones? Or negative thoughts about yourself, what you did, who you are. It’s just how our (or should i say my) brain works. Negative versus positive 1-0.

Yesterday I came home. Happy to see my people again. J running around in our tiny garden and B making diner. After a while I asked how things were at daycare. B said her teacher told him that they call her Ruby Rascal. Pushing the limits (or other kids). Do unacceptable things and wait for the other to respond while making eye contact. Defending her stuff with her whole body as if it’s a pot of gold. You know?!

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And then there is light

And then there is light | THE DOOR IN THE WALL

I love decorating. I even think I have some sort of  style (an amazing one if you believe my pinterest page). If I had the money my house would be breathtaking. So I wish to believe.

The fact is I don’t have that sort of money. And if we have a little extra we prefer to spend it on traveling. Luckily you can come a long way with just a couple of beautiful pieces, IKEA, Marktplaats (the Dutch craigslist, but better) and flea markets.

But then there is light.

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