It’s not a fling anymore

Maybe you missed us. Maybe you didn’t. Summer, travels, slowing down. All kinds of reasons why we were a little less present on the blog. But we haven’t sat still. The door in the wall is always on our mind.

Have you seen our Life of a bag in LA and in Arnhem over at the Bugaboo Journal? Or the precious little movie Lennebelle Petites made of us for her series The Mamma Stories?

But the utmost happiness we feel today is about our coolest new logo by illustrator Sarah-Lotte Rietdijk.

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Home is where the heart is?

Home is where the heart is? | THE DOOR IN THE WALL

Next week I fly back home. After being ‘home’ for almost one month. These past weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about what home is for me.

Yes, I said home is where the heart is many times. Because I believed it. Or because I really wanted to believe it. It feels like a reassurance, like my mother used to tell me when I was sad or hurt “everything will be all right”. No clue how, but I believed her and felt better immediately.

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