Me time: a privilege or a necessity?

Me time: a privilege or a necessity?

The last couple of weeks I came across a couple of articles about the importance of ‘me time’ when you are a mother. Being you instead of just a mom. It made me think, no, it made me doubt my life and how I live it.

Yes, I need things for myself.
Yes, I would love to have more time by myself.

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Reasons to celebrate

reasons to celebrate (with a pool) | THE DOOR IN THE WALL

We just create them! A ‘bachelor’ party for my boy just before he turned into a big brother, being exactly one meter tall, the last day being 3, because it’s your doll’s birthday. Small celebrations, usually just with cake or ice cream.

I love small family traditions. I truly hope that when they are old(er) and look back at their life they don’t think I’m an over emotional mother that just needed an excuse to eat cake, but really have happy memories.

This time it was his last free weekend before school starts. He chose a pool and felt special. And he has every right to do so.


I made a ‘little’ photo journal. 

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Life with hormones

I’m pregnant.

Everybody’s jumping up and down. Because it’s good news and people dig good news. Like me. Over the moon. Names, baby baskets, knitted bloomers. All set. Until week 6. When hormones kicked in. If you read our blog, you must have noticed.

Damn did I forget how bad a woman can feel. Totally indoctrinated by hCG. All day nausea. Throwing up everything everywhere. Sleeping also everywhere. Lying in bed alone crying. 24/7 thoughts of food. Hunger that can’t be satisfied, because if so, you’re throwing up immediately. Funky smells popping out of thin air. Screaming when there’s nothing to scream about. O my fucking **** do I hate this phase. No pink bubble for me here. 

I knew all of this. But I forgot. 

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We are nominated for the Dutch Mom Blog Awards 2015!


We tried to be cool and relaxed about it. But already failed big time in the title. Seriously. We never expected this. We are so honored! And even more excited!

You know that phrase: dream big, aim high? It works. We are living proof.

When we started this blog, not even a year ago, we had 3 goals:

1: The blog had to be beautiful, honest and close to who we are.
2: It had to be fun. Lots of it.
3: We wanted to end up in the Fabulous Mama Magazine. Somehow.

True story!

During our daily blog meetings (or Whatsapp conversations, whatever you want to call it), we often referred to that. “Keep Fabulous Mama in mind!” followed by “haha”. Because we could never have imagined this would be real life. And suddenly it is.

This is where you all come in. We need your help! But only if you like us and want us to kick ass of course.

Our category is Fashion & Lifestyle and together with two other blogs we are dying for your vote. Somehow we turned from cool and relaxed to extremely thrilled and fanatic. You know how we deal with challenges, battles or what games so ever (Madelon says she hates games, but we all know better).

So if you want to support our THE DOOR IN THE WALL VERSUS THE REST challenge, click HERE, pick our photo (the one that looks like it doesn’t really belong, but we embrace our oddness) and GO!

We love you all (yes in very rare situations we say this out loud).

Madelon + Vie

A little more about these great awards: the Dutch Mom Blog Awards, founded by Esther Buitendijk from Blogstreet and, will be presented for the second time on the 17th of September 2015 at the Bugaboo store in Amsterdam. Categories are: Fashion & Lifestyle, Interieur & Lifestyle en Parenting. There will be a two prices, judged by professionals and judged by readers (you!). There will also be a Talent Award and an award for the best Instagrammer.

Freaking selfie Friday | week 27

It's all messy. The hair. The bed. Life... | Freaking selfie friday | THE DOOR IN THE WALL


Summer break is overrrrrrr!

We missed you, but we needed it. Soaking up the weather, the family, the life. And  we embraced the mess. Or maybe we just ignored it.

But we are back, bigger and better!

So, have an amazing, sunny and messy weekend and see you next week!


P.S. 1 If you don’t know yet, you can read here what ‘Freaking selfie Friday’ is all about!
P.S. 2 Hurray for outtakes!

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A window in the wall

We added a little window in our wall! In the shape of a style contributor!

That sounds so grown up.
But after our own logo (seriously, how amazing is our logo?!) it was the next logical step.

Yes, we have an opinion, yes we love pretty clothes (and loads of other stuff). But we secretly look forward to what she will show us. Why? Because we just like her unique and refreshing style. And she happens to have the best Pinterest profile everrr.

Next to all this she’s the lady we turn to when we need tips about dresses (kind of hilarious considering she has 3 boys herself). Speaking of those boys, they always look great (including a little mud and peanut butter, just the way we like it)!

So. Please give Bregje a warm welcome and check out her first post now:

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