Hey ho here we go (again)

Hey ho here we go (again) | THE DOOR IN THE WALL

So, the news is out. We are moving. Again. Same area, different house.

Don’t think we were hiding this news for you for a long time, because we were not. First of all I’m not capable of doing so, second, it all went pretty fast for us too.

There are many things I don’t like about moving. But the thing I do like is dreaming of how the new house should be, could be, will be. If I had an endless budget… This house would turn out amazing! But I have no budget, so we just have to do with what we have. And even though I love things fresh and new, we did collect some nice things around us the past years.

The only thing I’m fine with NOT changing, will…

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By Bregje: Cate!

Ah… Cate Blanchett.

If I would have to name one favourite actress it would be Cate Blanchett. Her acting, her wit, her timing, her power, her beauty, her style. Plus, she has three sons too. I feel a connection.

Therefore a post dedicated to Cate’s style.


P.S. 1     I take request celebrities… Challenge me!
P.S. 2    All images from my Pinterest.

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Thank you billions gazillions!

thank you billions gazillions 01

It’s been five days since THE DOOR IN THE WALL has been awarded with 2 Dutch Mom Blog Awards 2015 in the category Lifestyle and Fashion. One from a professional jury and one from you guys. Craaaazy, let us tell you that. Hearing about our nomination was like hearing that Eddie Redmayne might have a crush on us. Again craaaazy. And now it’s there, out in the open. Eddie officially told us he does have a crush on us, a double crush.

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