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Penelope. A…

natural beauty.

When 2 out of 4 requests are for Penelope, Penelope it is!
Thank you @kiku2907 and @somethingswedish.
New requests are always welcome :)


P.S. All pics can be found on my Pinterest boards

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Making their memories


When people ask me why I blog and show parts of my life on Instagram I quickly cut off the discussion with “because I like to”. I’m afraid all the answers that get out of my mouth sound cliché. And stupid. So this is the easiest way to get them off my shoulders. And they do. Except for B. Once in a while he asks again. Or our conversations just get to that point where I start thinking about it again.

And I think I found my answer. Again. An answer that shows more than my ignorance or stubbornness. An answer made by hormones (sometimes they’re helpful). An answer to complete the answer I found before.

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