52/52 Madelon

52/52 Madelon. 52 project. Each kid. One photo. Every week.52/52 Madelon. 52 project. Each kid. One photo. Every week.

Looks like we made it! 52 of 52. It was not always easy, but I’m so happy we decided to join this project.

52 weeks ago I started with photos from a trip we made. I love to end it the same way. Exploring the world is what we love most!

See you next year! And dust those cameras off, because we want you to join us in a new 52 project!


Hello from the inside

living in a bubble

So it’s my time to explain my lack of posting here. No, I’m not pregnant, did not buy a house, and I’m still ‘just a mom‘.

It has just been a hectic past few months. Actually a hectic complete year to be honest. I’m always going and sometimes my engine breaks and I need to just slow down, regroup and live in my bubble for a short while.

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October & november on instagram @viebonacci


Somehow I’m a little away from Instagram. Maybe it’s the new baby thing, maybe the new house thing. Anyway, I forgot October and I didn’t have enough November photo’s to fill a 9 square. So I cheated. Or you could call it efficiency. Now back to arranging stuff so we can move at the end of this month (and then get all stupidly snuggled up and ready for the baby). XV