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52 project Madelon | week 1 52 project Madelon | week 1

R + S:  Nothing fancy, nothing much. Just their serious and sweet little faces at the beginning of this new round. Because I want to remember what they looked like. Tired from school and tired from not napping, because well, you’re 3 and all.


week 1… It’s exciting and scary at the same time. But hello! We are going to do another round! Just because the end result made us happy. And it made us grab our cameras more often.

Many of you said you were going to join us! I seriously love that you will. Remember it’s not about the best camera, the best photo, it’s about documenting life. Their life. The normal, the everyday, the real.

Maybe we should create our own hashtag… Not to steal the light from the original project, but to form a small moral support group. To help each other , get inspired by other portraits and function as each others ‘stick behind the door’ (is that even a saying in English? Probably not…)

What do you think?




Vie’s 2015

Vie's 2015

And that was 2015. She flew by, don’t you think? Well, while I was busy living it I did not agree. At all. Actually it is a bit like the first year having a baby. Time stands still, every day feels a little the same. So many diapers, so many missed hours of sleep, so many wet kisses. But on its first birthday your little baby is unwrapping gifts like a pro and demanding cake like there is no tomorrow. That little baby turned into a little person in just a heart beat!

But I’m drifting away.

Vie and I talked and decided this year deserved a recap. Because it was quite a year for both of us. The only thing is, that we are not the ‘looking back’ kind of people. Been there, done that. Wrote a tear jerker about that before. I could easily sum up some of Vie’s highlights, but my own? Luckily we are the ‘why not?’ kind of people so here we go:

Vie’s 2015 through my eyes :

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