Dear Filippa Mae


1.3.2016 at 7:09am she turned our world upside down. She made us a family of four. Filippa Mae. There’s no introduction that can express how I feel right now. Remember how I tried my stinking best to make myself feel a little more pink and glowy during pregnancy? Well, I’m afraid people have to hurt me to get me back to normal nowadays. Damn it’s pink up here. I even love staying up at night with only her. And I can’t be happier when J stumbles into our bed at 4am. I just lay there and have my heart eyes stare at my new family until I hear the birds sing. Yeah, I know, it’s cheesy and corny and extremely annoying. And it gets worse. The other night I was up nursing her and I wrote her a letter. A welcome letter to my newborn daughter. I’m going to share it, because I don’t want it to stay on my phone forever, only read by me. No, it’s hers (and yours, if you continue reading). Something with making her memories.

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