A whale of a time

whale of a time

We often mention our similarities, Vie and I, but of course and thank god there are many differences as well.  And I’m happy to report I recently came up with a new one for that list.

I like being pregnant. Rephrase: I love being pregnant! Hormones vs. me: 0-1.

Ok, let’s not even mention that first trimester, but after those first weeks of being sick (and in shock… Because talking and dreaming of adding a third to your perfect and why not complete healthy, little family has nothing to do with actually being pregnant. So I found out.) its glorious.

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The truth about cloud nine


Hello from cloud nine! I mean yeah it’s pink up here. Like really PINK. Every time someone asks me how we are doing I tell them we’re good. Great actually. A perfect family of four. J isn’t jealous. She adores her little sister like she’s always been here with us. F sleeps like a baby. Only one drink a night. And I can run the stairs and play hide and seek again. So halleluya. But we all know there’s no such thing as perfect or pink only. Thank god for that. And because I like to think of myself as some kind of god or goddess I’d like to tell you the truth about cloud nine. 

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