MINGO. X the door in the wall

We have this thing with MINGO. So when they asked us to work together, our proud Dutch heart exploded. Because hey, we dig brands from our home country and MINGO. is one of our faves. It took a little while to think of something thedoorinthewallish. Basic but fun. For girls and for boys. But mostly for kids! So here it is… A limited edition of the pimped up Cosmos leggings. Moons because we like them. Nude because that’s what moons are. Knee pads because we know óur kids need them. Nude knee pads because you can’t have it all ;)

Thank you Naomi for all of this!


PS 1.  And to celebrate it, we’re having a giveaway on our Instagram account!

PS 2. More photos? Of course! Here they are…

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