52 photos on the wall | Vie | The End

J: her

F: and her

..52 weeks later

Halleluja! It’s a wrap! Number 52 of our photos is up on the wall. And even though it was hard to keep up sometimes, it’s damn cool to look back and see how our kids grew in front of our cameras. It’s also damn cool to see how some of our followers and some of their followers play along and create their own memories. Thank you for that.

We’ve done this 52 thing for 2 years now. And talking about it the last couple of weeks made us decide to stop here, before we get bored too much and fuck up the magic. But we still love our cameras, our kids, our blog and this concept. So we stole another cool idea. More about that in January…


Vie’s 2016

Like last year, we decided to look back on the past year for each other. Because we love to scroll through posts (a couple) and photos (a lot). So here we go…


2016 was a quiet year. Blog wise. Adventurous life wise. Not much happened but also everything happened. You moved houses (again), You added a little human to your life.  Of course we still talked about our blog, loved it, had many new (hilarious) ideas, but often life got in the way. And that’s okay, because that’s what it’s all about, blog wise.

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