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J: found some inner (and outer) peace when it comes to school. Even smiles sometimes when she wakes up in the morning. Also got her first play dates. First one was with an older shy girl from her class. When I asked J if they were friends in class she said “no we’re not, but she was the only one to play with so I asked her and she said yes. And I like her”.

F: became 1! In summary: two lower teeth, one peeking upper tooth, curlier hair that needs a hair pin, says “die” (that), “paap” (monkey), “ppp” (lamp), “papa”, “mama”, stands and claps at the same time, walks behind a push car (still), climbs up and from a chair (and all sorts of that), points at all people and smiles when they slightly make eye contact, prefers women with dark hair, want those women to pick her up, eats dirt and has good fine motor skills, hates to sleep somewhere else than a bed, always coughs when her bottle is nearly finished, loves spicy food, oranges, pho soup and sand, still looks, feels and smells like a baby

B: bought us a new family car. And as a non car lover he’s kind of smitten with it (wanted to park the thing inside the house if he could). Also bought himself some new clothes. And as a non fashion or even clothes lover I’m kind of smitten with it.

V: became a mother of a toddler. Transfered from “no we’ll be flying and travelling with small children” to “yay we’ll be traveling the world and that’s awesome, the kids will sleep the whole flight and eat everything they’re having, also I will wear bikinis because I don’t give a shit about the mom bod”. Went bikini shopping and I do give a shit about that mom bod. Ate fries to calm myself.

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