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R: Who ever said 2 is a difficult age never met my 4 year old. The word ‘no’ is reason enough to scream like someone is trying to kill her. She still has a boyfriend and they love each other very much, however she keeps options open and added two more boys to her potential mariage material. 4 is the new 30. She told us twice she wanted to move out and was dead serious. I’m slightly worried what puberty will bring.

S: has no confidence issues. He has no problem stating he is the best at most things. Also has a very hard time tolerating his sister in his life. His best friend left school this month and he was so sad, but wrote him a card (all by himself) that said that although he would miss him very much he hoped he would be happy in his new school and make a lot of new friends. Broke my heart.

O: is the most flirty baby I know, but only save in my or B’s arms. If we hand him over to anyone else he panics and starts screaming. He is good at that. He is obsessed by the food we eat, but has no clue what to do with it. Everything I feed him, he spits right out. Everything, besides ice cream. He also loves licking cold cans of beer. Again very promising puberty wise.

B: made a really nice promotion at work. Yes he is the career man, yes this is why he works so hard (and we even moved to the other side of the world), yes I’m very proud. He is all in and I admire that. I just want him back in the evenings.  And I know I will.

Me: I’m finally feeling I’m here to stay. being here feels almost normal again. I wanted to move back home pretty badly in the end, but I have to say I do miss parts of it. Not sure yet what exactly, but when I see photos from our life there (damn you shoebox app), it makes me feel…. Melancholy. Left O for the very first time this month (for half a day). We both survived.

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