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B: never had a beard this long. Perfect timing in the hot Vietnamese weather. Also got a new nickname as his difficult to pronounce name sounds as much as ‘motorbike’. He’s kind of happy with it.

J: seriously had the time of her life. Ate ice cream every day. Had a scooter ride every evening. Learned to jump into the water by herself. Says thank you in Vietnamese. Made new friends with her cousins. Got herself 3 pair of typical asian shoes. Killed her cool hello kitty water gun within 5 minutes. Owns two extremely tanned legs. Did I say time of her life?

F: little social fox she is! Saying hi to everyone with the biggest smile she owns, especially beautiful asian ladies with long black hair (must remind her of someone). So everybody wanted to pick her up and show her around. She also ate everything we got her, with Pho soup as her number one favourite. Ami is her second mother and she took her first real steps. And she got sick after a week. Got her skinny ass through it like a champ. Recovered after six days, ate and ate and ate. Now she’s taking steps and saying some new words!

V: extremely happy to see the family again after 14 years. Didn’t really know what to expect, but it felt good as soon as we got there. Holidays like this really help to be in the moment, be mindful and live life. That’s what I did. Live life and watch my family doing the same. Also got changed during this little bed shoot. For real…

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