5 photos on the bed

So…. It only took us 6 months to get our families together. What does that say about us…?

But when we do it, we go all the way (as you can see on the photo above)! So may we present to you, just slightly over due: our number 5 of our 12 photos on the bed. Same bed, different bunch!


P.S. We tried to get our B’s to join the party. They friendly declined. What does that say about them?


J: is all about make-up, slimey toys and marriage. She wants me and B to get married on the same day as her and her cousin M: 5th of january to be more specific. But she’s a little worried about her sister because who will look after her when all three of us are busy getting married.

F: WALKS and nearly talks. There’s so much to develop in that little body. Of course she can’t keep up. So tantrums when something is not the way she wants. And i think she might have a mind of her very very own. She loves to play outside with the big girls. The big girls love to play with her and come by our house to ask if F can come out and play. The girl is 1! And popular.

B: every day I go to work he wakes, dresses and feeds the girls before school/daycare run and picks them up at the end of the day and brings them home safe. Not different from last month but worth the mention. Also makes it possible for me to maybe make a career move.

V: extremely happy to have a B who’s supportive. And a little more happy to have finally meet up with Madelon and her gang. Especially little mister O who’s more cute and chubby in real life. Wish they lived closer.


S: Can read! And loves it! So we joined a library and going there is the highlight of his week. Since this month all his cloths are too small. Hate when that happens without a warning.

R: Sings all day long. Still has extreme mood swings. And loves lipstick (especially since not being allowed to use J’s when we were visiting). Her boyfriend is just a friend at this point. Because she only wants to marry someone she really loves. Love her logic and love that I taught her well.

B: Do I know a B? Oh. Yes. Still busy.

O:  Gained two new front teeth. Flirts with everyone he sees, as long as he is close to me or B. Can’t process anything solid yet. Food wise. Luckily V served tomato soup and he loved it!

M:  Desperately want a house (of my own) and have zero patience regarding this. Always arrive late when having an appointment because I’m taking d-tours to see possible areas to live. Can’t recall folding any laundry this month. Finally got a haircut.

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