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J: enjoyed the perfect summer weather by playing outside all day. She has friends in every age category. The big girls (even boys) like her wild character and her peers like to have her as a leader in their play. But she loves her little sister the most. She’s also in that phase where she asks me about dying and how she wants me to stay her mother forever (and not die).

F: sleeping wasn’t the easiest this month. In the end we got our answer to the clinging and crying: chicken pox. Good to see how adapted her body is to change and how everything a child shows in its behaviour has a reason. Also she starts to say words and it’s the cutest how proud she is, nodding to herself and clapping when she got it right. Loves to run around the house with her sister.

B: not in this month’s picture because we simply didn’t have the time. Coughed himself through the month. I wanted to hit him in the end (ok also in the beginning). Bought us a 1000 pieces puzzle of a terribly boring castle (with lots of sky and woods around) to work on our quality time. And it works! Cheesy but perfect relationship helper ;)

V: loves to puzzle (and admits it). Only wished it was Disney or Hello Kitty but that would be too easy. And about that career: I did it, I got myself through the selection. Another postdoctoral challenge, like post-post, is my new life from 2018. Yeah. Eeks! Also busy loving my family as much as I can before I’m too busy.

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  1. Karlijn July 5, 2017

    Fijne foto’s weer! En gefeliciteerd! X


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