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O: 9 months, 25 pounds, 5 teeth and a permanent smile. Making jokes, growing hair and finally eating (a little). This baby is pure joy, maybe a little clingy. But I’m a clingy mom so we are a match made in heaven. The school yard is the highlight of his day. He’s flirting with everyone that comes near and he’s already famous because of that. Plays peekaboo with everything he can put over his head.

M: Slowly getting tired (figuratively, I already was tired literally) of having broken nights. It’s mostly my own fault, but still. I put ketchup in the sink cabinet, keys in the refrigerator and just get angry pretty fast.
I’m not a birthday person, but loved the one this year. Maybe because it involved a little travel and lots of food. I really have to start lose some weight and I finally found the perfect red nail polish.

B: Not pictured. It was the plan, but I was late (as always) and he was running late (as often). It was actually easier, because now I could take like 50 photos without anyone asking if we are finished yet. He bought a blue bike to go to work with. Someday.

S: is getting more freedom since moving here. It was one of the biggest reasons for me wanting to move. He’s loving it and is fighting us for every inch. We are all learning and it doesn’t always goes as easy as we would like to.  He loves reading! Mostly cartoons, but I’ll take it.

R: is tired. It was a pretty hectic year for her. A little brother, moving countries, starting school. She’s doing very well, but she’s so ready for a break. I’m happy to report she slowly is letting me in again. If you ask me, the hardest part of adding babies is the parting with your before youngest. You know it needs to happen, you know it will get better, but it hurts.

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