madelon + vie amsterdam

2 girls, 1 blog.

Both strong-willed and Dutch, a little manic when we like things, an ocean apart and a wish to stay connected through more than Instagram and What’s app (which is a serious life saviour by the way).

This blog seems like the next best thing to do. Nothing fancy, nothing new. Just an extention to show each other and potential readers what crosses our mind, what moves us, what makes us laugh, cry, greedy and some more of that.

We see it as a door in the wall to a place where we can be ourselves and do what we love. Sounds magical and we love that. But we’re also the realistic kind of girls. Let’s face it, it’s not that special for a door to be in a wall. Right?

Thirty something and recently moved from the wild Amsterdam to the hilly Arnhem with B, my stick-around-e-date, and our little girl J. Always fighting and making up with B. I’m always right, that’s probably why we fight. You could call it stubborn.

Two jobs: mama and something with helping people. And in the meantime working on my other dreams like writing, drawing, buying a grown up house, have more babies, being Beyonce or Tinkerbell.

In real life i’m in the train for 2 hours a day, watching Masha and the Bear with Play Doh under my feet or sitting at a playground somewhere eating sand icecream. But I’m happy.

I believe in karma, not to mention fairy tales.

I love people with self -mockery and authenticity. I hate the sight of other peoples bare feet and men with tiny curls. That’s when karma showed up and gave me a daughter. With curls.

Forty something. Married an ambitious shoe man, got three blond babies, moved to the other side of the world and recently brought my heart home.

I’m a loner who loves good company, I’m a perfectionist with a messy house. Easily bored, always dreaming of what next.

I always thought I was the adventures type, but turns out I’m not. But I do it anyway. Close my eyes, jump as high as I can and see where I land. And even if it wasn’t what I aimed for, I make the best of it. You only live once, so make it worth while.

I’m visual, think in images and always have a camera in sight (although I ‘m still slightly awkward in front of one), I’m  straight forward and also a strong believer in Karma. You could say I’m creative, but it almost never leaves my head (like I imagined it). I often give it a try, but I’m not persistent enough. Story of my life actually.

Well, if you’re still here, hit the door and have some fun with us!

Madelon + Vie

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