And then there is light

And then there is light | THE DOOR IN THE WALL

I love decorating. I even think I have some sort of  style (an amazing one if you believe my pinterest page). If I had the money my house would be breathtaking. So I wish to believe.

The fact is I don’t have that sort of money. And if we have a little extra we prefer to spend it on traveling. Luckily you can come a long way with just a couple of beautiful pieces, IKEA, Marktplaats (the Dutch craigslist, but better) and flea markets.

But then there is light.First of all, I miss the common sense to create a good lightning plan. The time I lived on my own has been in too dark rooms, with too much white light. It’s really rocket science if you ask me!

And then there is light | THE DOOR IN THE WALL

Next to that, cheap doesn’t do it for me in this department. Unfortunately. Because the prices of the ones I love can easily fly my complete family around the world. Or to the next state at least.

And then there is light | THE DOOR IN THE WALL

For now I dream. And be thankful for the couple of pretties I already own.


PS. Images found here: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

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  1. Lisa June 3, 2015

    First: I love that you tagged it greedy! Haha!
    Second: I’m the same.. But worse, my lighting sucks ass right now, and because the beauties are all so expensive, we just leave it with the crap (hoping one day our dream light fixture will drop from the sky for free!)
    Why oh why must beautiful lighting be impossibly out of reach??


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