All I want for Christmas… is a poster

wishlist poster | THE DOOR IN THE WALL

I love art. and I love to change it. Quite often. Those two don’t go very well together. I’m blessed with the best stepfather you can imagine. He is the sweetest, kindest, most adventurous person I know. And he’s an artist. He makes the most beautiful paintings and sculptures. So I am spoiled and own some pretty amazing pieces.

But I’m always looking for more. Next to that I’m quickly bored with the same view every single day (good thing Mr. Husband travels a lot!). 

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Fast food photo


I love images. I always have. I buy magazines, a lot, but never read them, I just look at the photos. When I was young, really young, I already ripped out beautiful photos out of  Elle Magazine I got from my stepmother, made collages and covered my bedroom walls with them. Most expensive on my wedding day? Yes, the photographer.

I always made a lot of photos, but didn’t do anything with all those images.
And then came Instagram.

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas


I’m a sucker for traditions. I loved all these little rituals when I was growing up. Especially christmas time was pure magic.  We had a tree with all kinds of ornaments, most from when my mother was just a little girl. Every year we baked a chocolate walnut cake. Well, my mother baked, me and my brother cracked all the nuts, making it a competition who had the most not broken ones, because only those ended up on top of the cake.  And on Christmas eve we would dress up the moment the sun went down. In a beautiful dress, made by my mother. I had my own little candle holder next to my plate for dinner (this will be the first year I will not…)

I still remember how I felt during these days.

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Christmas fever

I love Christmas. Like, really LOVE Christmas. And that’s mainly because I love our Christmas tree. It’s out of control, hysterical and every ornament has its story.

Next to our tree we have some candles, a broken Santa music box and two white paper stars. The tree was the main star, and she always delivered.


But I moved to the land of Christmas decoration… 

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The upside of moving

Moving is dreadful. Doesn’t matter how much you like to leave the old place, or how exciting the new is. The part where you have to put everything in boxes is nobodies favorite.

The last time we moved (I moved a lot in my life…), we had the luxury of a removal firm. It was so weird and fantastic at the same time that we could leave the house with everything in it and on its place and arrive at the end of the day to see all was packed. The days before were nevertheless tiring and frustrating. Because you want to leave your home perfectly organized and clutter free. At least I did….


But I promised you a fun part! And life saver Pinterest is there to help. After all is moved in, all is unpacked and you are sort of settled there are so much fun things you can do with all those empty boxes!

I selected a few and of course I had to try one…  

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One (and a half) year ago we went on a holiday to LA, not knowing we would actually move there one year later. We had such an amazing time! 5 weeks of exploring, enjoying the weather, meeting all these nice people and being together (and some working for him).

But there were a few things I had a harder time appreciating. Like all these big, grey, concrete buildings without windows. However, after a while I started to notice all this amazing murals. There were so many walls to paint, and they do! Bright colors, beautiful graphics and illustrations.

We started looking for them and after that we started posing in front of them and taking pictures (you can call me shallow, but I just don’t like looking back at photos without people on them, not even my own). And yes, of course we posted them on Instagram!

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Super model mama


This mama thing is taking its toll. On my energy level, my sanity, but most importantly: my  body.

I know it’s not done to complain. This wonderful machine created two beautiful and healthy babies and how wonderful is that. I am the luckiest person in the world that is blessed with two sort of easy pregnancies and two perfect, healthy and strong children! But damn, I hate what it did to my body.

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