My perfect not so perfect life

my perfect not so perfect life

Lately, when I stroll trough blogland (well, waddle at the moment), I always feel some sort of obstacle for blogging myself. Because of social media, this blog world changed. Not better, not worse, different.

Most people that still blog really have something to say, they educate us in their way of living, their values. About essential oils, minimalistic living, styling, motherhood etc.
So after looking at the most stunning images, perfectly styled homes and people, and reading all these intelligent, beautifully articulated blog posts that make you think, I usually end up closing my computer.

Why? Because I have nothing to teach, nothing important to share, I’m not that photographer. I’m just me living my sweet and not so perfect but perfect to me life. With too much stuff, too much mess and too much Nutella.

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