O Christmas tree


As soon as the christmas tree hit town we ran and dragged one home. But we think you already noticed how much we love this time of the year.

Strolling through Instagram we see many other impassionate members of the Christmas Fever Club. Extravagant ornaments, ugly elves, colourful lights, fine mistletoe, cosy foods and in your face pyama’s.

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Freaking Selfie Friday | week 2

freaking selfie friday leopard is the new neutral

Yeah babies it’s Friday! Freaking Selfie Friday to be more accurate.

So we have this idea to start the weekend with a catchy quote and ditto selfie (read auto timer). Match made in heaven right? In fact we want to try this every single week, starting with last weeks shake that weekend.

So happy weekend and for now:



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Penpals go public

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So. Hi! Us too? Yes. Us too. It’s not the first time we hop on an already moving train. And you know what? It will not be the last.

But it’s in our head. For a few years now. It comes and goes like a manic episode, but always there and waiting for a moment to pop. Besides some small things on other blogs, that time was never there. Yet.

So what do you do when you run into each other online, meet in real life, talk (a lot) and come to the conclusion you want the same? You just do it.

Two girls, pretty much the same but different, searching, oversharing on Instagram, and dying to have fun.

Not new. Not better. Not perfect.

More like one of those many potato chips you find in the super market or a door in a wall. Not different from all the others. But for us it’s a connection. Between dreams and reality,  thoughts and words. Between two time zones and continents. And we decided to open up for who wants to see how we take our what’sapp conversation and Instagram account to a next level.

So. Hi!

Madelon + Vie