Vision or love

vision or love

With things happening for me comes new choices for J. For seven months it was me and her, with two, soon one and then no daycare. Now I’ll be back on track for three days. That means three days without her. Saying that out loud breaks my heart. But I’m not going to sit here en write about the tears that are ruining my keyboard and my crazy cool image right now. I wanted to talk about daycare.

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The art of VSCO


Up until two year ago I looked at photos around the internet and always wondered how people make such beautiful bright captures from anything. Nature, still life, architecture, people or just ordinary daily life. It obsessed me, because my own (iphone) photos always looked dark and yellow.

I soon realized it was not only my own lack of photographic talent, it was also my not knowing about photo edit apps. I googled, scrolled and finally contacted someone with gorgeous bright daily life pictures. That someone was Madelon. Seriously.

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No dramatic changes

no dramatic changes pink house

Our new home is bigger than what we have now, has two storeys and a small garden. All I ever wished for. What I didn’t realize is that even though our Amsterdam apartment is small, we use all of the space in a very active way because it’s on the same level. The doors are always open and every room is easy accessible. J glides from one to another, literally. That’s different when you have stairs to climb. Therefor J will have the biggest room, so it will be a place for her to sleep and play.

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The minimalistic life. Ha!

Everywhere I look I see shit. Shitloads of shit. Only 4 weeks left before we move to our new place. Slightly bigger than our little house in Amsterdam, but no place to store things and less wall space to arrange our furniture. So I guess we’re screwed, because there’s no way in hell it will all fit.

Maybe for the better, because maaaaaaaan we (I) own a lot of stuff covered in dust. And I never missed any of it. It makes me a little sick to see this material overkill. Even sicker thinking of me buying all of it in the past, thinking I really need it and quite happy with myself knowing I can buy everything I want.

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