Blogger versus therapist

Blogger vs psychologist

This blog makes me happy. Every bit of it.

Since a couple of months, we talk about this every day and I’m still not bored. Good score for a manic person. In fact, I’m quite busy with it and I can tell you my partner in crime is too.

Thinking of new blogposts, making photo’s, writing, behind the scenes css-ing, rewriting, following Google Analystics, discussing on what’s app, laughing our asses off and so on. Who says blogging is something you fix in a minute with your eyes closed can stand up now. To get a smack in the face, because I disagree.

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O how I love you J

o how i love you j

I guess every mother thinks big about her child. So do I. That must be love.

But that girl of mine, I mean ours, she’s brilliant. I can’t believe that a nearly 2 year old can have a good sense humour. She makes me laugh every day since the day she was born. Not exactly that day, maybe a week later when I could sit again without fainting.

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Birthday preps

birthday balloons

R this week. J next month. The terrible two’s. But I won’t start about that again. All is said by Madelon yesterday. And I agree, of course. What I really wanted to talk about is her birthday party.

Last year we had a 3 day party marathon. An emotional actual birthday, remembering the horrible watermelon-through-tiny-whole scene and greyish fog afterwards. And then a shipload of people on 20 meters square for two days. Not good for any type of person. But I also enjoyed throwing a party again, with excessive amounts of decoration, food and presents.

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Copy paste an illusion



Copy paste. Magic when using Microsoft Word. But when it comes to living your life it’s an illusion.

When I was little I had this desperate urge to be the same as the girls in class. But how hard I tried, I wasn’t. The colour of my skin and the shape of my eyes just didn’t work with me.

So one day I decided to try and not care anymore. I wanted to be me. Loud, spilling my every thought, wearing petticoats with surf tops and red heels in third grade and making jokes no one understood.

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I have a job. Mother

mother daughter

You know those days when mother and child just can’t get on the same page? Well today is exhibit A of that. She screamed, I screamed louder. She wanted cookies, I wanted wine. I felt like writing a nice blogpost, she didn’t feel like napping.

Well that didn’t happen, so instead of a post I have top level stress hormones juggling around my body. I don’t want that (B neither, he’s hiding in the kitchen as we speak).

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Alice in Wonderland

alice in wonderland quote

I love Alice in Wonderland. I am Alice in Wonderland. At least, I was when B and I first met. On a dating site. Yes, you heard that right, a dating site.

After one year of single life I signed myself up, with 2 pictures and some weird text about me and how I was waiting for a prince to drop out of the air. I wasn’t serious and I certainly wasn’t planning on dating…

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Vie vs. Madelon: old little mermaid

old little mermaid hair beach

Wakie wakie Lonny! It’s time for a new challenge! 

I got inspired by a couple of little girls lying on the beach with perfect glittery mermaid tails and ditto hair. I couldn’t wish for more. So I grabbed my family and some gear and took off to the beach when it was still sunny here in Holland.

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Penpals: grown-up decision


Hi M,

So here I am crying because we decided to quit day care. We need to get ready for our next move. By the end of this year. And because of my in between jobs status there’s not much space, financial wise.

It hit me in the face when B told me to tell the ladies at day care today. I just can’t and I think you are the one person who knows exactly what I mean. Right? How in the world did you do that?

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Family photos Vietnamese edition

family photos fail

My life is captured in hundreds of photos my family took along the way. My father still carries a photo camera around his waist, ready to pull it out and shoot anything. My mother glued all those photos in albums with special glue and a saté skewer for ultimate precision. My brothers have those big camera’s and my sister has a better photo side (the same as mine, so we fight). We all love pictures. Of us. Autotimer is our favourite.

Today was an example.

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