Circus CliniClowns

circus cliniclowns 01

We’ve been invited to this circus show from CliniClowns. Seriously, it was such an inspiring and heart warming event. And not without a reason. CliniClowns is a Dutch foundation to support sick and disabled children. Their goal is to let these children laugh again. And it works. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Teary eyes.

We didn’t tell J the specifics of this event, only that is was a circus. The first thing she did when she got inside was jump in and play with the other kids around her. She didn’t notice anything different and other kids didn’t either.  It touched my heart to see that kids are just kids. They play, they laugh and they love. I wish I could have captured that. But I couldn’t. So just a little impression of the great show itself.

CliniClowns: thanks for showing us your magic. We’re definitely on your bandwagon now!

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