Book Club jr: Mies van Hout – Happy/Vrolijk

Mies van Hout is a brilliant illustrator. The way she captures different kind of emotions in colours and expressions. And in fish!

I bought the maxi version of ‘Happy‘, or ‘Vrolijk‘ Dutch with hard pages to teach the kids I work with the diversity of emotions. It helps and it’s fun. And because they’re all fishes, even children who have a hard time recognizing emotions from human faces enjoy talking about what they see.

Last month I also used it to tell something about my job to 4 and 5 year olds in J’s class. We made angry and happy faces. Played a happy/not happy running game. Told each other what makes us feel scared or proud. And I was the proudest of them all because seeing J in her class lifting up her finger and tell her friends about how she feels was worth a million.


PS. Not sponsored in any kind of way!

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