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Wow these last two weeks have been hectic. We’ve been a little absent (again) but somehow life sweeps by in a blink of an eye. So we need to catch up!

For the first time in my life I’m the closest to buying a house. My very own house people! In a few days my signature is needed. And with that a shipload of money I never imagined to spend. I’m excited. Nervous. Even tensed. What if there’s a better house? What if J hates it there? What if in the end I don’t like the kitchen we chose? What if in the end I don’t like the man I chose? Grown up decisions are out of my comfort zone. Especially since my body is hormonized.

Speaking of which. This second trimester is much better! No more all day sickness and fatigue. But more energy and positive vibes (o and peeing my pants when i sneeze but whatever). Thank you to the people who thought of me or even asked how I feel. And to those attentive people I’d like to tell we had a beautiful ultrasound this week. We’ll be a girls family ;).

So I’m busy arranging grown up stuff. My blog time is a little downsized. Taken over by Pinterest, kitchen planners, cribs and hypnobirthing. But I won’t leave Madelon alone (she’s kind of in the same same but different).

And we’ll be 1 next week! That needs some attention too.


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  1. Anna October 20, 2015

    O wat goed om te lezen dat afwezigheid vooral te maken heeft met fijne redenen Spannend man een huis kopen! En een meisje 💕 Ps perfecte foto bij deze blog! Met roze natuurlijk en ook zo precies beeld van:joehoe we zijn er nog! Ha! X


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