The truth about cloud nine


Hello from cloud nine! I mean yeah it’s pink up here. Like really PINK. Every time someone asks me how we are doing I tell them we’re good. Great actually. A perfect family of four. J isn’t jealous. She adores her little sister like she’s always been here with us. F sleeps like a baby. Only one drink a night. And I can run the stairs and play hide and seek again. So halleluya. But we all know there’s no such thing as perfect or pink only. Thank god for that. And because I like to think of myself as some kind of god or goddess I’d like to tell you the truth about cloud nine. 

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It’s a …

boy or girl?

Because I’m more 40- than 30+ you always get some extra tests when you’re pregnant. One of those tests can also tell you the gender of your new addition…
I have never been the person who can handle surprises well (please people, NO surprise parties for me!) so yes, we wanted to know! Because even if I do know gender, the baby, its looks and character and everything else are still a big surprise. It just makes it a little easier to prepare. And with that I mean shop.

So if you’re curious too… It’s a….

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I’m still in the in between time. And I kind of like it here. December is the month you slow down, look back and make plans. Plans you will start on in the new year. Full of adventures and new beginnings. The promise of all those things, makes it alright to just take it slow for a while.

Well, in my head it’s still December!
But I can’t keep out the new year, even if I want too.

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So there it was. That first moment when you fail as a mother in front of your own child. Somehow I missed a memo. I miss those all the time (that’s why I still wear non matching undies and combine black with navy). But it was never this disappointing. For her.

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Preg talk


I know it’s dead boring but all I do now is being pregnant. So that’s all I can write about. Can. Want. Will. So it’s silence or preg talk. You choose and read on or not.

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Hello from the inside

living in a bubble

So it’s my time to explain my lack of posting here. No, I’m not pregnant, did not buy a house, and I’m still ‘just a mom‘.

It has just been a hectic past few months. Actually a hectic complete year to be honest. I’m always going and sometimes my engine breaks and I need to just slow down, regroup and live in my bubble for a short while.

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Making their memories


When people ask me why I blog and show parts of my life on Instagram I quickly cut off the discussion with “because I like to”. I’m afraid all the answers that get out of my mouth sound cliché. And stupid. So this is the easiest way to get them off my shoulders. And they do. Except for B. Once in a while he asks again. Or our conversations just get to that point where I start thinking about it again.

And I think I found my answer. Again. An answer that shows more than my ignorance or stubbornness. An answer made by hormones (sometimes they’re helpful). An answer to complete the answer I found before.

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Our Halloween

Our Halloween | THE DOOR IN THE WALL

As I noticed last year, Halloween is quite big here in the US. And this here probably wins the price of understatement of the century.

But this year we came prepared.

Their costumes, picked out by themselves of course, hang in their closets for days (not weeks, it is still us…), songs were practiced, pumpkin baskets were dusted off. They were ready.

Luckily this time Mr .Husband could join us, and as you can tell on most photos he got into the Halloween spirit pretty fast! Don’t tell him, but next year I might give him that suit in his size. If he behaves well of course.

For me this Halloween was an eye opener to what a year can do to people. I was less overwhelmed by all the decoration (still impressed!), so maybe you do get used to this American ” bigger than life” way of celebrating. But more importantly the children understood what people asked them and even better: they knew what candy to pick! Last time they had no clue and went just for lollipops and M&M’s.

Well, enough talking, here are some photos of this year.


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I want to break free

I want to break free.

This Saturday evening, kids were in bed and I was doing the dishes because dishwasher was still broken while Mr. Husband was paying (many) bills it hit me again. Only extra hard this time…

What happened? How on earth did I end up here?

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