La fête in da house!

This blog is our happy place. A little corner on the world wide web to call our own and to share what makes us tick. A lot of things, we can tell you. But yes, like always: so much to do, so little time. Next tot that we are the first to admit that sometimes there are people who can do things better than we. So drum rolls please….

We are very honored and happy to introduce Nora aka @lafete_nl to help us out! She’s a mom of two girls and ridicoulosly creative and she will be a contributor to our blog! She made a very appropriate first blog to celebrate:

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MINGO. X the door in the wall

We have this thing with MINGO. So when they asked us to work together, our proud Dutch heart exploded. Because hey, we dig brands from our home country and MINGO. is one of our faves. It took a little while to think of something thedoorinthewallish. Basic but fun. For girls and for boys. But mostly for kids! So here it is… A limited edition of the pimped up Cosmos leggings. Moons because we like them. Nude because that’s what moons are. Knee pads because we know óur kids need them. Nude knee pads because you can’t have it all ;)

Thank you Naomi for all of this!


PS 1.  And to celebrate it, we’re having a giveaway on our Instagram account!

PS 2. More photos? Of course! Here they are…

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Madelon’s 2015


If you can make me cry over my 2015 I will make you CRYCRY over yours. Hah! No that’s not me. I won’t write a post just to make people cry. I do it because I love to, because it’s important to me and I’d like to share it with you (and our beloved readers). That has been our goal with this blog and it still is and will always be. Right?

What a year. For you, for me, for us.

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By Bregje: Cate!

Ah… Cate Blanchett.

If I would have to name one favourite actress it would be Cate Blanchett. Her acting, her wit, her timing, her power, her beauty, her style. Plus, she has three sons too. I feel a connection.

Therefore a post dedicated to Cate’s style.


P.S. 1     I take request celebrities… Challenge me!
P.S. 2    All images from my Pinterest.

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Lisa’s Cucina

Lisa's Kitchen | THE DOOR IN THE WALLShe’s Lisa. She’s the most ‘Italian mama’ we know, and she’s not even Italian. But more importantly she makes the best food. We are asking her for ages (begging even!) to start writing a cook book. This is the next best thing.

We have another window in the wall! Please welcome Lisa as our food (and weight) contributor.

Federico Fellini

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A window in the wall

We added a little window in our wall! In the shape of a style contributor!

That sounds so grown up.
But after our own logo (seriously, how amazing is our logo?!) it was the next logical step.

Yes, we have an opinion, yes we love pretty clothes (and loads of other stuff). But we secretly look forward to what she will show us. Why? Because we just like her unique and refreshing style. And she happens to have the best Pinterest profile everrr.

Next to all this she’s the lady we turn to when we need tips about dresses (kind of hilarious considering she has 3 boys herself). Speaking of those boys, they always look great (including a little mud and peanut butter, just the way we like it)!

So. Please give Bregje a warm welcome and check out her first post now:

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