The birth of the chain list

#weekendSo. It’s Friday.
And yes, we have to admit we miss freaking selfie friday.

We never said we would make rational decisions. Because even if we want to, I’m afraid we aren’t capable of doing so. But it’s still there in our heads, let’s just say we’re on a little break.

But in the meantime we need something new and fresh to kick-start the weekend! Nothing ‘heavy’, nothing serious, just a fun little read before opening that bottle of wine (or in my case drinking my third cup of coffee) and celebrate it’s Friday! We were thinking. Hard. And we thought it might be fun to include all of you a little! Because we’re happy you’re here. And we know you want to.

Amongst many, many others there was this brilliant idea to start some sort of chain letter, but than a list. So a chain list.  Every other week a new person will show theirs and nominate another person who has to make the next list. Same subject, easy peasy. And we don’t accept a ‘no’ as an answer. Sounds like fun right?

I’ll start.

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Happy birthday Pearls & Swines

happy birthday pearls & swines

No Freaking Selfie Friday today, but the celebration of one of our favourite shops Pearls & Swines. We were there when it al started, when our kids got Marmared for the first photo shoot. We were there when Anne-Britt hit the GO LIVE button on her desktop. We were there when the shop got overloaded by the mad crowd filling their baskets. We were there when the shop got a little overshadowed by a girl named Lolo. We were there when new ideas got to her mind and needed to be feed backed. We were kind of everywhere. Whether she liked it or not.

So today we are there too.

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Me and my greener grass

photo shoot minixstyle - behind the scenes

Before moving I had a job.
A real ‘grown-up-wear-dresses-and-heels’ kind of job. Somehow I ended up in the professional services industry when I was 21 and never got out.

Don’t get me wrong. I always loved working  (well, the majority of time). I even met most of my closest friends at work and learned so many things about, life, myself and… Business in general.

But. There’s always a but.

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O Christmas tree


As soon as the christmas tree hit town we ran and dragged one home. But we think you already noticed how much we love this time of the year.

Strolling through Instagram we see many other impassionate members of the Christmas Fever Club. Extravagant ornaments, ugly elves, colourful lights, fine mistletoe, cosy foods and in your face pyama’s.

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