Gift season part 1 | the baby girl

Gift season. I’m not the most organised person. Losing overview like some people lose farts. So I make lists. Lots of them. I even tried to follow some wise people in the want-need-wear-read rule to make it all more simple. It helped. A bit. So I tried not to be too uptight about it. Because rules make me uptight. And because I like my visuals and I’ve been a little blog-absent lately I’ll share some of my not sponsored favourites. The baby edition (read more for credits and links).


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Hey ho here we go (again)

Hey ho here we go (again) | THE DOOR IN THE WALL

So, the news is out. We are moving. Again. Same area, different house.

Don’t think we were hiding this news for you for a long time, because we were not. First of all I’m not capable of doing so, second, it all went pretty fast for us too.

There are many things I don’t like about moving. But the thing I do like is dreaming of how the new house should be, could be, will be. If I had an endless budget… This house would turn out amazing! But I have no budget, so we just have to do with what we have. And even though I love things fresh and new, we did collect some nice things around us the past years.

The only thing I’m fine with NOT changing, will…

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And then there is light

And then there is light | THE DOOR IN THE WALL

I love decorating. I even think I have some sort of  style (an amazing one if you believe my pinterest page). If I had the money my house would be breathtaking. So I wish to believe.

The fact is I don’t have that sort of money. And if we have a little extra we prefer to spend it on traveling. Luckily you can come a long way with just a couple of beautiful pieces, IKEA, Marktplaats (the Dutch craigslist, but better) and flea markets.

But then there is light.

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A is for rebel

Dark walls | The door in the wall blog

First of all I would like to apologize for this phase both Vie and I going through. If you’re not planning to move or feel like redocarating, please bare with us…

But we are and I am. Yes, I was nearly finished. Only thing left was me dreaming of winning the lottery so I could finally buy all those posters, lights and cabinets that are on my wish list for like ever.

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All I want for Christmas… is a poster

wishlist poster | THE DOOR IN THE WALL

I love art. and I love to change it. Quite often. Those two don’t go very well together. I’m blessed with the best stepfather you can imagine. He is the sweetest, kindest, most adventurous person I know. And he’s an artist. He makes the most beautiful paintings and sculptures. So I am spoiled and own some pretty amazing pieces.

But I’m always looking for more. Next to that I’m quickly bored with the same view every single day (good thing Mr. Husband travels a lot!). 

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas


I’m a sucker for traditions. I loved all these little rituals when I was growing up. Especially christmas time was pure magic.  We had a tree with all kinds of ornaments, most from when my mother was just a little girl. Every year we baked a chocolate walnut cake. Well, my mother baked, me and my brother cracked all the nuts, making it a competition who had the most not broken ones, because only those ended up on top of the cake.  And on Christmas eve we would dress up the moment the sun went down. In a beautiful dress, made by my mother. I had my own little candle holder next to my plate for dinner (this will be the first year I will not…)

I still remember how I felt during these days.

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My December favourites

lady noel designs flamingo

December is busy, but I love it because of its presents, food and family (in that specific order). I’m greedy.  When I open Instagram or Pinterest I get hungry. I wander through blogs for inspiration, run to web shops and toss everything I like in my shopping cart. I want it all. I toss some more, but than I get annoyed by my greed. Thank God for that, because I’d be homeless (and partnerless) otherwise.

People say less is more and I want to live like that too, because my head (and B) knows it’s better, more sustainable. That’s why I made up a few rules for myself to control this commercial weakness.

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