Vie vs. Madelon: The look of life

the look of life 04

Once apon a time there was a girl. Just an ordinary girl. As ordinary as knocked up girls can be. All blown up by a little baby growing inside. She felt like a hobbling hippo. High heels and makeup were beyond her routine. Not to mention let anyone take her picture. But there was this evil stepsister who challenged her. 10 photos. Being pregnant photos. The girl screamed, used all of the curse words she knew and said NO. But…

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Madelon vs. Vie: The look of love

Madelon vs. Vie: The look of love

So my friend… I think it’s time for a new challenge. It has been so long since the last one and I know you love them. For this particular one, I’m rather late. But not too late. And quite frankly, I think I need to take these extreme measures to make you.

You will hate me. And after a while, you will love me again. Or maybe not, but at least there will be no regret.

As you might have noticed, you’re pregnant. 

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Madelon’s 2015


If you can make me cry over my 2015 I will make you CRYCRY over yours. Hah! No that’s not me. I won’t write a post just to make people cry. I do it because I love to, because it’s important to me and I’d like to share it with you (and our beloved readers). That has been our goal with this blog and it still is and will always be. Right?

What a year. For you, for me, for us.

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Vie’s 2015

Vie's 2015

And that was 2015. She flew by, don’t you think? Well, while I was busy living it I did not agree. At all. Actually it is a bit like the first year having a baby. Time stands still, every day feels a little the same. So many diapers, so many missed hours of sleep, so many wet kisses. But on its first birthday your little baby is unwrapping gifts like a pro and demanding cake like there is no tomorrow. That little baby turned into a little person in just a heart beat!

But I’m drifting away.

Vie and I talked and decided this year deserved a recap. Because it was quite a year for both of us. The only thing is, that we are not the ‘looking back’ kind of people. Been there, done that. Wrote a tear jerker about that before. I could easily sum up some of Vie’s highlights, but my own? Luckily we are the ‘why not?’ kind of people so here we go:

Vie’s 2015 through my eyes :

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Vie vs. Madelon: the attempted photobomb

vie vs madelon: the attempted photobomb 00

Hi M,

Off course I remember your challenge. That photobomb is haunting me. Or should I say WAS. Because I did it! On the exact same day you remembered me and all of our readers out there. But before you start whooing I should add that it didn’t work out the gorgeous bombshell way I wanted. On the contrary.

I ran across the whole San Marco Piazza in Venice to jump into that one perfect shot. My sweet, but not so superfast assistant (yes B) right behind me (or at the other end of the piazza) and J in de ergo baby. I ran. I jumped. I felt embarrassed. I got pissed off (yes B again). And I had fun. The last part doubled up to a peeing-my-pants kind of moment when I opened my computer to check out the results.

So M, get out your magnifying glass. Here you go. Madelon versus Vie: the attempted photobomb.

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Madelon vs. Vie: I do! me too!

Madelon vs. Vie | The door in the wall blog

Hi Vie!

How is live? Adjusting to your new city and job? I salute you lady, I would not be alive  if my alarm clock would go off around 6 am.

But enough small talk, let’s cut to the chase. Remember our challenges? That we agreed on to not call it a challenge because I have a severe hate for games? Well, I got one for you.

 It all came to me when I was flipping through my wedding photos. I saw this photo and it reminder me of one I took last year.  First I thought I would use it as an inspiration and make a new photo, but let’s be honest, I would never be able to top the following one… (You notice I’m building up suspension here?). So. Here it is:

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