Penpals: Stick around friends

Hi M,

Your last sentence keeps echoing in my head “if you meet someone likeminded it just falls into place”. That’s exactly how I feel about this. About love in general. I like to feel things. Not literally, but more emotionally. And when I meet someone, I know very quickly if we can relate or not and I think you are the same.

It’s easy for me to say now, I’m not in LA with 2 kids and a working husband. But I really think the flashbacks to how it was when you were in high school or on the dating market, make you feel more insecure. Like you’re there again. But you’re not.

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Penpals: Making new friends

Processed with VSCOcam with 2 presetHi V.

It’s been 4 months already. Me living in LA. I am adjusting, starting to find my way around the supermarket. Our house is almost finished and feels more and more like home.

So far so good. But then there is the building a new social life part. I’m 37 and I have to make new friends. And that is not so easy.

I don’t need loads of friends, because honestly I can’t handle many. I’m a good friend, a loyal friend, and an ‘I move mountains for you’ friend. But I don’t call to chat and I will remember that important thing you have, but probably a day too late. I’m messy. In my house, in my head and in my friendships. But I’m there when I need to, i’m true and I’m always honest.

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Penpals: Letting go



Big things happening in your life! Life changing things. But I don’t think it’s about growing up. It’s more about letting go. And letting go is the hardest.

Letting go of what you know, what is familiar, what you know works fine. I don’t like fine. I prefer great. So the reason you do this, is to make it better, right? For you, for B. and therefore for J. So letting go is hard. Starting new however is exciting! So focus on that! Together with J. Start making plans about her new room, her new life. Talk and dream together before you are caught up in work and just living your life again.

Don’t get me wrong. I completely understand where you’re coming from. I’m the same. Always that guilt, that all consuming kind.

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Vie vs. Madelon: old little mermaid

old little mermaid hair beach

Wakie wakie Lonny! It’s time for a new challenge! 

I got inspired by a couple of little girls lying on the beach with perfect glittery mermaid tails and ditto hair. I couldn’t wish for more. So I grabbed my family and some gear and took off to the beach when it was still sunny here in Holland.

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Penpals go public

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

So. Hi! Us too? Yes. Us too. It’s not the first time we hop on an already moving train. And you know what? It will not be the last.

But it’s in our head. For a few years now. It comes and goes like a manic episode, but always there and waiting for a moment to pop. Besides some small things on other blogs, that time was never there. Yet.

So what do you do when you run into each other online, meet in real life, talk (a lot) and come to the conclusion you want the same? You just do it.

Two girls, pretty much the same but different, searching, oversharing on Instagram, and dying to have fun.

Not new. Not better. Not perfect.

More like one of those many potato chips you find in the super market or a door in a wall. Not different from all the others. But for us it’s a connection. Between dreams and reality,  thoughts and words. Between two time zones and continents. And we decided to open up for who wants to see how we take our what’sapp conversation and Instagram account to a next level.

So. Hi!

Madelon + Vie

Penpals: grown-up decision


Hi M,

So here I am crying because we decided to quit day care. We need to get ready for our next move. By the end of this year. And because of my in between jobs status there’s not much space, financial wise.

It hit me in the face when B told me to tell the ladies at day care today. I just can’t and I think you are the one person who knows exactly what I mean. Right? How in the world did you do that?

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Vie vs. Madelon: coffee

Hi M,

This took me like weeks. Sorry for that. We ran out of coffee and since I’m in between jobs there’s no train station Starbucks to make my day.  But I can’t say no to a challenge, can I? Vanilla almond latte is what makes me happy. Soy milk if almond is too fancy. And a cookie when she’s not around.

I have this new challenge for you. Laughed my ass off thinking it through. Will be up soon :)


coffee on the beach

Madelon vs. Vie: coffee

Hi Vie!

My day is just starting, while you’re eating dinner already. I probably never get used to this time difference. 9 hours! But. I just came to the conclusion that I don’t know how you drink your coffee in the morning. I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours!

Coffee with milk, lots of it.