My perfect not so perfect life

my perfect not so perfect life

Lately, when I stroll trough blogland (well, waddle at the moment), I always feel some sort of obstacle for blogging myself. Because of social media, this blog world changed. Not better, not worse, different.

Most people that still blog really have something to say, they educate us in their way of living, their values. About essential oils, minimalistic living, styling, motherhood etc.
So after looking at the most stunning images, perfectly styled homes and people, and reading all these intelligent, beautifully articulated blog posts that make you think, I usually end up closing my computer.

Why? Because I have nothing to teach, nothing important to share, I’m not that photographer. I’m just me living my sweet and not so perfect but perfect to me life. With too much stuff, too much mess and too much Nutella.

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Tilda by BregjeMadelon has been asking me for some time to do a style post with Tilda Swinton.

The actress with an icy expression, impeccable taste and a platinum blonde do. You know her, right? You don’t? Then hurry yourself to Pinterest and find her; you will fall in love. And even if you do know her: look her up. Photos of her are a true piece of art. Enjoy!


All photos from Bregje’s Pinterest page

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Circus CliniClowns

circus cliniclowns 01

We’ve been invited to this circus show from CliniClowns. Seriously, it was such an inspiring and heart warming event. And not without a reason. CliniClowns is a Dutch foundation to support sick and disabled children. Their goal is to let these children laugh again. And it works. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Teary eyes.

We didn’t tell J the specifics of this event, only that is was a circus. The first thing she did when she got inside was jump in and play with the other kids around her. She didn’t notice anything different and other kids didn’t either.  It touched my heart to see that kids are just kids. They play, they laugh and they love. I wish I could have captured that. But I couldn’t. So just a little impression of the great show itself.

CliniClowns: thanks for showing us your magic. We’re definitely on your bandwagon now!

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A day at the Park

a day at the park | THE DOOR IN THE WALL

If you follow our blog, my journey, you might have noticed I’m still adjusting to my new life in this new country. Still? Yes, still. I mostly talk about what I miss, but there are also many thinks I love. Like the most amazing nature and parks, just around the corner.

Last time I brought my camera:

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