Reasons to celebrate

reasons to celebrate (with a pool) | THE DOOR IN THE WALL

We just create them! A ‘bachelor’ party for my boy just before he turned into a big brother, being exactly one meter tall, the last day being 3, because it’s your doll’s birthday. Small celebrations, usually just with cake or ice cream.

I love small family traditions. I truly hope that when they are old(er) and look back at their life they don’t think I’m an over emotional mother that just needed an excuse to eat cake, but really have happy memories.

This time it was his last free weekend before school starts. He chose a pool and felt special. And he has every right to do so.


I made a ‘little’ photo journal. 

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The art of VSCO


Up until two year ago I looked at photos around the internet and always wondered how people make such beautiful bright captures from anything. Nature, still life, architecture, people or just ordinary daily life. It obsessed me, because my own (iphone) photos always looked dark and yellow.

I soon realized it was not only my own lack of photographic talent, it was also my not knowing about photo edit apps. I googled, scrolled and finally contacted someone with gorgeous bright daily life pictures. That someone was Madelon. Seriously.

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