Slow food photo

slow food photo 01

Hi M,

You definitely know me better than I thought. What a fantastic idea to let our big girls camera have a more decent role this coming year.

I must admit I’m the kind of person that desperately needs someone breathing in my neck to reach a goal, like loud smelly breathing. That must be you and your visual talents (not the smelly part).

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O Christmas tree


As soon as the christmas tree hit town we ran and dragged one home. But we think you already noticed how much we love this time of the year.

Strolling through Instagram we see many other impassionate members of the Christmas Fever Club. Extravagant ornaments, ugly elves, colourful lights, fine mistletoe, cosy foods and in your face pyama’s.

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All I want for Christmas… is a poster

wishlist poster | THE DOOR IN THE WALL

I love art. and I love to change it. Quite often. Those two don’t go very well together. I’m blessed with the best stepfather you can imagine. He is the sweetest, kindest, most adventurous person I know. And he’s an artist. He makes the most beautiful paintings and sculptures. So I am spoiled and own some pretty amazing pieces.

But I’m always looking for more. Next to that I’m quickly bored with the same view every single day (good thing Mr. Husband travels a lot!). 

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Fast food photo


I love images. I always have. I buy magazines, a lot, but never read them, I just look at the photos. When I was young, really young, I already ripped out beautiful photos out of  Elle Magazine I got from my stepmother, made collages and covered my bedroom walls with them. Most expensive on my wedding day? Yes, the photographer.

I always made a lot of photos, but didn’t do anything with all those images.
And then came Instagram.

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Christmas fever

I love Christmas. Like, really LOVE Christmas. And that’s mainly because I love our Christmas tree. It’s out of control, hysterical and every ornament has its story.

Next to our tree we have some candles, a broken Santa music box and two white paper stars. The tree was the main star, and she always delivered.


But I moved to the land of Christmas decoration… 

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