O how I love you J

o how i love you j

I guess every mother thinks big about her child. So do I. That must be love.

But that girl of mine, I mean ours, she’s brilliant. I can’t believe that a nearly 2 year old can have a good sense humour. She makes me laugh every day since the day she was born. Not exactly that day, maybe a week later when I could sit again without fainting.

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Almost two

At the end of this week my girl turns two. Two! These past two years have flown by and I really like to see her personality evolve. She’s cute and cuddly and funny. And she has a very, very strong mind.

My little chubby, easy baby is now a busy bee all over the place, talking, singing and knowing exactly what she wants. And doesn’t want.

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Alice in Wonderland

alice in wonderland quote

I love Alice in Wonderland. I am Alice in Wonderland. At least, I was when B and I first met. On a dating site. Yes, you heard that right, a dating site.

After one year of single life I signed myself up, with 2 pictures and some weird text about me and how I was waiting for a prince to drop out of the air. I wasn’t serious and I certainly wasn’t planning on dating…

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Plastic fantastic

I remember vividly when I was pregnant of S. The first months I was in denial that there would ever actually be a real baby. I was so busy with my body changing and especially my figure disappearing, buying too many clothes for him and decorating his little corner of our room. I didn’t think that much about really taking care of him, or raising him yet. But at the end, after reading all the mom magazines (you’re a true addict, or you’re not) I had it all planned out.

I would use the ‘three R’s’ like a bible, my boy would not eat sugar before he turned two, only fresh food and preferably home made. No tv, of course, and no ugly plastic bright toys. Not in my house. Only toys that would fit my decor and esthetics.

You can find these toys here: little blue tractor / bus / elephant / helicopter

So, five years further….

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Family photos Vietnamese edition

family photos fail

My life is captured in hundreds of photos my family took along the way. My father still carries a photo camera around his waist, ready to pull it out and shoot anything. My mother glued all those photos in albums with special glue and a saté skewer for ultimate precision. My brothers have those big camera’s and my sister has a better photo side (the same as mine, so we fight). We all love pictures. Of us. Autotimer is our favourite.

Today was an example.

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running in airport space

This wildcat is a space lover. And with space i mean spaaaaaaaace. Running around like a looney. Climbing on everything she sees. She’ll be in heaven when she wakes up in Ibiza tomorrow morning.