Same same but different

Same same but different | THE DOOR IN THE WALL

I remember vividly when I found Vie on instagram. Well, actually the husband did. He was looking around and at one point he said: ” do you know this lady? She reminds me of you.”

He was right.

We are still finding that out. I had friends. Have friends! But with Vie it clicked. Instantly. We are alike in so many ways: our strange habits, lipstick jungle, our (former) soul searching. Mayonaise.

She gets me. And not many people do.

Same same but different | THE DOOR IN THE WALL

But thank god for our differences. It’s not just our height, or the country we live in. There is much more.

So why not try to put all this into images? No words allowed. See the similarities, but different. See the differences, but in the same way.  I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours (remember our coffee in the morning?)!

Actually, it’s just like a mini challenge, a tiny  Madelon vs. Vie! I know how you like those.  (Speaking of… How is that photobombing going for you?)

I’ll start.

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