Christmas fever

I love Christmas. Like, really LOVE Christmas. And that’s mainly because I love our Christmas tree. It’s out of control, hysterical and every ornament has its story.

Next to our tree we have some candles, a broken Santa music box and two white paper stars. The tree was the main star, and she always delivered.


But I moved to the land of Christmas decoration… The day after Thanksgiving all my neighbors were working hard in their front yard. And when I brought the kids to bed, I saw why. I didn’t have to turn on the light in their rooms, because the reindeer, penguins and snowmen outside did all the work… It’s just like in the movies. Even better!

You understand this means I can’t just put my little fake tree up and that’s that. I want more. And I want at least one reindeer in my front yard.

I found some fun things to try to make myself (seriously, how did we survive before Pinterest?!).  But who am I kidding…. I already made something this year (two things!). Maybe next Christmas.

XM(artha)IMG_9494Images can be found here (clockwise): 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

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  1. Ellen | in my Red Kitchen December 4, 2014

    We should host a craft night! I want to make a Christmas garland but I know myself… those ideas always stay hidden inside my head and never come out :(
    Instead I go shopping for Christmas stuff tomorrow, as most of my ornaments are still in a box in our basement in Amsterdam. Stupid… I know…


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