Dear Filippa Mae


1.3.2016 at 7:09am she turned our world upside down. She made us a family of four. Filippa Mae. There’s no introduction that can express how I feel right now. Remember how I tried my stinking best to make myself feel a little more pink and glowy during pregnancy? Well, I’m afraid people have to hurt me to get me back to normal nowadays. Damn it’s pink up here. I even love staying up at night with only her. And I can’t be happier when J stumbles into our bed at 4am. I just lay there and have my heart eyes stare at my new family until I hear the birds sing. Yeah, I know, it’s cheesy and corny and extremely annoying. And it gets worse. The other night I was up nursing her and I wrote her a letter. A welcome letter to my newborn daughter. I’m going to share it, because I don’t want it to stay on my phone forever, only read by me. No, it’s hers (and yours, if you continue reading). Something with making her memories.

Dear baby girl, my sweetest Filippa,

I can’t believe you’re here. In my arms. Holding your tiny body and sniffing your fluffy hair as if you’ve never been anywhere else. And the last nine months you haven’t. Safe and warm inside me. Close to my heart. Close to my everything. Now you’re in this world. This beautiful and crazy world where tangerine skinned freaks like Donald Trump try to rule the world and sweet older sisters try to make your world as comfortable as possible. Such a contradiction. But don’t you worry little girl. Your world is with us now. Just the four of us. Your father adores you to the max. Your big sister shines brighter since you made your appearance. And me? I’m the proudest en happiest mama in the world. I could have never imagined how it feels to be your mother. And how my love simply doubled. More than enough for you and your sister (and let’s not forget about your father). If it’s up to me, you chose the best place to get this party called life started. Let me show you and I hope you’ll feel the same.

Love always, your mother


  1. Michelle March 18, 2016

    Prachtig……no order words… Zeker na een heftige dag waarin ik niet echt een goede connectie had met mijn kids… Thanks for reminding me

    • Vie March 18, 2016

      Lief dank je! En die dagen… :(. Maar morgen weer een nieuwe dag toch?

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